Cartoons by Molly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I actually place an order so you know what kind of cartoon I want? 

The key to a great Cartoon by Molly is in the details that you provide to me - the better sense I can get of personalities, physical characteristics and settings, the better your cartoon will be.  If you are interested in placing an order, please send me an email that explains the following basic information (I will follow up within 2 business days and confirm any details that I need more clarification on):

  •  Who the cartoon is for (Aunt Gladys, The Andersons, Mom, etc). It is also important that I understand what your relationship is to that person/family (friend, colleague, etc), and who you want the cartoon to be from (you, your dog, the HR Department, etc)
  • Please note the occasion, holiday, or whether you want a general cartoon that is not tied to a special occasion. Occasions can be anything you want - from a 42nd birthday to Happy Valentine's Day to "Get Well Soon, Ya Big Baby!" to "Jenny Goes to Kindergarten" to "5 years of friendship!" 
  • Basic physical description of people you want to be in the cartoon (photos are even better!). Here's a sample: Aunt Gladys is very tall and thin with long dark brown hair to her shoulders and glasses. She is often seen in her Mets sweatshirt. She rides a Vespa in heels. (If you want to note the race of the people in the cartoon, feel free to do that).
  • Basic setting(s)/environment you want the cartoon to reflect. For example: on a farm, in the winter, at the beach, in a classroom, or at the zoo.
  • Some key characteristics and interests of the person/family that the cartoon is for. For example: loves golf, is a nurse, enjoys bike rides with the family, vacations in Vermont every winter, favorite foods, obsessed with Twilight movies, hobbies like knitting or cooking, random funny stories ("Uncle Stu is always the grill master at family BBQs"),etc.
  • The product you want to order. For example: Two different 8x10 drawings, one that just has one scene and one that has 4 different scenes 
  • Any text you want included (I can accommodate almost anything, but it's best if you keep it simple)
  • Other details you think I should know. I'll follow up with you if I don't understand what you want! If I get stuck and need more information from you, I'll be in touch.
  • Your contact information and the address where the cartoon should be shipped. 

Q: I really like one of the sample cartoons you created for someone else and posted on this site - can you make the same one for me

Definitely. While no two cartoons are completely identical since each is hand-drawn, I can certainly recreate scenes that I have drawn before. Also, I can make minor changes to sample cartoons to reflect your situation - for example, if you like the Tre cartoon but want to instead show a little boy/girl swinging on vines with giraffes around him, I could do that. 


Q: How quickly can you turn around my order? 

I will respond to inquiries within 24 hours (ok, ok, maybe 48 hours from time to time). Most original drawings can be mailed out within 10 days of the order being finalized and payment is received, unless the order is exceptionally large. Rush orders can usually be accommodated on request. Sorry, but you must pay first - payment will not be accepted after the cartoon is mailed out. See the Shipping Instructions for information about how long it will take you to receive packages.


Q: What medium do you use when making your cartoons?

All drawings are made of pen and ink and colored pencils


Q: Can I make a customized order for something that isn't listed on your website (such as a comic strip that is more than 4 cells or a drawing on a much larger size of paper)?

Let me know what you're interested in, and I can certainly try to accommodate your needs. For example, if you are throwing a dinosaur-themed birthday party and want me to create a black and white cartoon of your child riding on the back of a dinosaur for you to photocopy and hand out for the kids to color in themselves at the party, I can do that. Price will be determined based on the complexity of the order and other factors. 


Q: Can I have final approval of the cartoon before you mail it out? What if I don't like it?

No, you cannot review the cartoon or provide feedback once it is crafted. This is why our initial conversations are so important before the order is finalized. Part of the fun is seeing the hand-drawn cartoon in your hands for the first time, too. I will email you a photo it once the order is shipped out (unless it is for you and you want it to be a surprise). I am quite sure that you will love the cartoon, but there is no "money back guarantee".


  • "Well since I'm placing my 15th order, I think it's safe to say I'm a major fan."
    satisfied client to say the least
  • "Your work makes me so incredibly happy. I look forward to you drawing our Christmas card every year. Never disappointed!"
    repeat customer
  • "I had dinner with my Dad and he kept talking about the cartoon you made of Mia getting into the paint. He absolutely loves it and said that this was a treasure that he will be ..."
    Portland, OR